About Us

Born out of pure passion in 2011, Hyperfly was the brainchild of an immigrant family who migrated from Germany to the U.S. They were instrumental in shaping Hyperfly into an iconic and influential brand in the Jiu-Jitsu world. Even though our roots are planted in San Diego, California, Hyperfly's influence is felt globally.

We are Hyperfly UK, the official home representing this dynamic brand in the United Kingdom. Our connection and shared principles with the Hyperfly family make us resonate with their vision deeply.

The narrative of Hyperfly's evolution is deeply embedded with its guiding mantra, "You Can’t Teach Heart.®" The company's identity has been moulded around core values of authenticity, dedication, and resilience. This shared spirit has been pivotal in nurturing a vibrant community of fighters who are bound by these shared principles.

To have heart transcends the bounds of discipline. It's about striving beyond your limits when others have surrendered. It signifies commitment to the effort that others might shy away from. The measure of heart isn't in victories or medals. It's gauged by the struggle, the determination, the essence of self that you pour into each fight. It’s about honour, not the allure of gold.

This journey, this narrative, this struggle is ours.

This is Hyperfly